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Car Town Streets for iOS: How to get free gold coins, parts and free cash

Car Town Streets has three different types of currency. One of them is coins, which is the primary currency of the game, and is used to buy all of your main buildings, businesses, decorations and other good stuff. Parts are used to upgrade your cars so that they have more points in races, and can earn you more coins when they work at a job. Cash is the premium currency of the game, and it’s used for buying not only rare buildings, but also other cars straight from the market without having to try to find them in the game. Read on for tips on how to get more of all three!

One way to get more coins and more parts for free is simply to watch videos as much as possible. Click on the cinema in your city, and you will be prompted to watch a video. Each video will either earn you free coins or free parts, but more often, free parts. The more you watch, the more you earn.

You can also earn free cash and coins by tapping on the lower left button, and then tapping on the “friends” menu. Once you are at the friends menu, tap on the “free gold” or “free cash” button. Send a tweet, text or email (it can be to a fake email or your own email or number, it doesn’t matter). The first time you do, you will earn free gold, and the second time you do, you will earn free cash. You can do one of each, once per day.

Sign into Facebook Connect using the game, and you will earn 10 free cash as a quest reward. Go to the checklist icon to claim the rewards. You can set it so that only you see the posts by Car Town Streets if you so desire. Once you do that, every other quest that involves Facebook, such as inviting friends, sending gifts, or visiting a friend’s town, will earn you free cash as quest rewards.