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Car Town Streets for iOS: how to get more trophies and offense and defense fuel

Car Town Streets is a game that lets you collect real life cars and race them against other players and their cars. You can get more cars by searching various areas and bringing them to Rusty’s Rescue shop, but the best cars come from completing trophy collections. To run these cars in races, you need offense gas, but in order to defend yourself against other players who challenge you in races, you need defense gas. Read on to find out how to get more of all three!

Once you complete an entire collection of six trophies, you get to unlock a rare or legendary car and add it to tour stable. There are two ways to get more trophies. One of them is to beat other racers in the Grand Prix. You can select racers from a list by what trophy they have that you want. Send out your offense team against them and if you have more overall racing points, you win the race. Make sure to shore up your defense team as well, because if your defense team loses against another player’s offense team, you lose a trophy. However, if your defense team wins, you win another trophy.

In addition, when you go to Rusty’s Rescue Service, go to the ‘find cars’ menu like you normally would if you wanted to go hunting for another car to fix. When you go to any area and search for cars, you often find trophies as well. While you won’t find every trophy that you need in order to complete a collection by doing this, you can usually find at least half of the trophies that you need if you keep searching.

To get more offense and defense gas, you have to wait for the gas to regenerate. Gas regenerates at a rate of one unit per minute, until it hits the maximum amount of gas. Otherwise, once you gain an experience level, your gas will automatically regenerate in full. In addition, if you go on a car finding expedition via Rusty’s Rescue, you will very commonly pick up both offensive and defensive gas.

Increase your maximum gas one of a few ways. Once you gain an experience level, you increase your maximum gas. If you complete a whole set of trophies, you will also have an increase in maximum gas. Finally, build or upgrade a fuel station to gain a gas bonus as well.