Car Vs Cops – Tips, Cheats, Unlock and High Score Guide

Car Vs Cops is Ketchapp’s latest smash hit for the iOS and Android platforms. This game plays like an 80s spin on the Smashy Road series, with your goal being to get the cops to smash into each other and to survive for as long as possible without getting wrecked. You can unlock new cars, compete with players around the world, and earn coins so that you can unlock new cars. Read on for some tips and tricks for Car vs Cops by Ketchapp!

Survive for as long as possible
You have to avoid losing lives and getting hit by the cops, so as more and more sophisticated police vehicles appear on the screen, you’ll have to change your strategy. Go north or south as much as possible, rather than east or west, because you have more space to look around, especially if you play the game on an iPhone X. When the missiles pop up, you’ll have to turn a LOT harder.

Use combos to blow high scores away
When you have a cop close to you and inside of the lighter gray circle for awhile, and the bar fills up, combo mode begins. The multiplier starts at 1x but increases as cars run into each other during combo time. Keep the combo going for as long as possible to break into the thousands of points, and survive even after the missiles appear, keeping the combo going, and you can even break into the 10,000s and higher if you get a high enough combo.

Tricks to get super high scores
Change the controls to tapping controls on the left and right side of the screen, as it makes it easier to turn gradually. Spend most of your time turning slowly to one direction, but change directions when you want to make cops run into each other or spend more time aiming up or down. When the missiles come, they count as being in your combo circle, so get one to chase you and then turn at high speed while it chases you in your circle. Cops will run into each other left and right when you do this.

Earning coins
Aside from collecting coins and getting the free timed gifts every once in awhile, you can earn coins in some other ways as well. Go to the car select screen and watch ad videos for 20 coins apiece. Also, complete the challenges to earn bonus coins as well.

Unlocking new cars
You can unlock a car when you hit 200 coins. For the most part, they play the same, but there is one area where small cars have a big advantage, and that is that they are a smaller target, so for high scores, play with the smallest car possible. You can also unlock two different cars by interacting with the game via Facebook or Instagram.