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Card King: Dragon Wars – Evolution and Power-up Guide: How to evolve and power up your cards

Powering up and evolving your creatures are two of the most common ways to strengthen them in Card King: Dragon Wars. Powering them up will increase their experience level, and thus their statistics. Evolving them will change them into a new form, and will send their experience level back down to one. Both of these are necessary in order to face off against the tougher opponents in this game. Read on for a guide and tips on evolving and powering up your creatures in Card King: Dragon Wars!

Powering up your creatures involves picking one creature as the benefactor card, and picking up to five different material creature cards to sacrifice. Once you sacrifice them, they will be gone and you won’t see them again. You need Dragon Coins to pull this off also. Ordinarily, it won’t require too many Dragon Coins, but the more experience you are giving the main card, the more Dragon Coins it will cost.

It will cost a whole hell of a lot of Dragon Coins if you use the Dieclops. This is for good reason though as the Dieclops is a card whose max level is 1, which will provide a massive amount of experience points to whatever card is the benefactor card. These will give way more experience points than normal material cards, even rare material cards. Their only real good use is for sacrifices as they are not powerful enough to ever be used in battle.

Make sure that your material cards are the same color as your benefactor creature. Cards of the same color will provide 1.5x the experience points as cards of a different color will, and they won’t cost any more Dragon Coins for the privilege, so this is literally free experience points.

Evolution is something else entirely. To evolve a card, it will need to be at its max level first. Then, you will need the matching runes. Each card has a different batch of runes, almost always the same color as the card you’re trying to evolve. Rarer cards will also require some rainbow runes in order to evolve. Evolution will also cost a lot more Dragon Coins than power-ups will.

If you need more material cards for power-ups, the easiest place to acquire them is battling at the Tavern, as you usually earn between one and three cards per battle. If you need more runes, there are many places to earn them, but you can earn these at the Tavern as well, and – more commonly – at the dungeons, after you unlock them, which happens around Player Rank 8 or so.

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