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Card King: Dragon Wars – How to get free Dragon Stones and Dragon Fangs

Card King: Dragon Wars is a new smash hit card battling game for the iOS and Android platforms. Dragon Stones are the rare premium currency of the game, while Dragon Fangs are one of the non-rare currencies of the game. What they have in common is that they are both used to get more cards. Dragon Stones, of course, have a higher chance at earning you rare cards, but Dragon Fangs will earn you some rares as well. Read on for some tips on how to get more Dragon Stones and Dragon Fangs for free in Card King: Dragon Wars!

The primary way to get more free Dragon Stones is to complete the quests. There are two categories of quests that you can complete in this game. You have the main quests, which are always a constant. You also have the daily quests, which refresh every day and which disappear after the day is done regardless of whether you have completed them or not. Complete the dailies first since they are on a limited basis and since you will get a Dragon Stone bonus just for completing all of the dailies.

After you hit rank 10 you will unlock the arena. Fight in here to improve your rank and you can earn more Dragon Stones. Check the rewards column as the rewards change with each timed tournament window, but the higher the rank, the more Dragon Stones you will generally earn.

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Dragon Fangs are generally earned when you pick other players’ cards as the helpers. It doesn’t matter whose card you pick or what card you pick, as long as you pick a helper card every time that you fight, you will earn more Dragon Fangs. Not to mention, the fight will be a whole lot easier to beat, especially if you pick a rare and/or highly leveled card as your card in the fight.

Set your leader card and there will be a chance that other players will pick it as their helper. The way to maximize that chance is to set your rarest card as the helper card. The more stars that your card has, the better. Red cards have the best chance of getting picked as helper cards because they have such high attack power. Also, enhance your card to a very high level and it will stand head and shoulders above the rest, and get tagged with the “Favorite” icon when it pops up on another player’s helper list.

Send invites to friends and your card will pop up more often on their list if they add you back. Also, many of the quests will earn you Dragon Fangs as well. You just need to keep track and see which ones will. Also, the arena will have Dragon Fang rewards, too. Generally, lower ranks will earn you Dragon Fangs while higher ranks will earn you Dragon Stones.