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Card King: Dragon Wars – How to get more runes (both common and rare runes)

Card King: Dragon Wars has loads of options for powering up your characters. One thing that you can do is to evolve a creature of yours. To do this, though, you will need runes. Common creatures will need common runes to evolve, and very few of them. Rare creatures will need rare runes (two, three, four and five star) to evolve, and they will need a LOT of them. Read on for some tips on how to get more runes in Card King: Dragon Wars!

Runes can be had as a random drop during the standard battles. Like with creature cards, there is no real rhyme or reason as to when the rune cards will drop, or what runes will drop. They tend to correspond to the color of the battle line, though, and the tougher the battle and the more advanced the battle line, the rarer the rune drops will be.

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The more surefire place to get them is in the dungeons. The dungeons refresh daily, and the weekday dungeons will have all different kinds of runes. One day will be one color, and the next day will be a different color – for example, Thursday is when you can get yellow runes. The tougher battles provide rarer runes, while the easier battles provide easier runes.

Fight in the arena and you will have a chance to pick up runes as a reward, depending on your rank. Some ranks provide no runes at all, while other ranks will provide common runes. Still other ranks will even give you rare runes.

Runes can sometimes be earned as a reward for completing your quests, and they will show up in the mailbox when you do as rewards. Be sure to complete quests and collect rewards to see what kind of runes you can earn. Look at what the rewards are before you pick what quests you want to try to complete. Go back each day to see what new daily quests pop up and what runes they can offer you. The main/global quests generally won’t give you any runes.

Once you get a hang of what battles in the tavern give you what runes, play them to earn what you need. Rainbow runes are the rarest of them all, so keep track of which battles can earn you rainbow runes, and keep checking the arena. Also, look out for any special events that pop up where you can earn runes. Events happen frequently so they are bound to pop up sooner or later even if there are none at the moment.