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Card King: Dragon Wars – How to get rare (three, four, and five-star) cards

Card King: Dragon Wars is the latest in the active card-battler craze that has swept the iOS and Android platforms, full of dramatic action, strategy-laden battles and hair-raising turnarounds. There are literally hundreds of characters that you can get in this game, some of them more rare than others. They are organized into one, two, three, four and five stars. The rarer they are, the higher the card cost but the more powerful they are. Read on for some tips on how to get more rare and super rare (three, four, five star) cards in Card King: Dragon Wars!

The main way to get more rare cards is to go to the Creature Egg store and purchase the “deep” egg. This egg will always earn you a creature of three stars and above. This costs Dragon Stones. If you purchase the shallow one, you have a chance at earning three stars max, although you’ll usually get a 1-star or a two-star creature.

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Evolving a creature can increase its star ranking as well, so if you have a two-star creature and the right runes to evolve it, it will turn into a three-star creature. A three star creature will evolve into a four-star creature. A four-star creature will evolve into a five-star creature. Pay attention to the runes that you earn so that you know who you can evolve.

Check the arena rewards, and fight in the arena to get to the highest rank, or to get to the rank that you want to get to in order to get the right rewards. Some arena ranks will give you a rare creature as a reward. Others will give you Dragon Stones and other items that you can use in order to get a rare creature.

Fight in battles in order to get more eggs. Sometimes you can get a rare creature just as a drop. The eggs are organized by color, so a silver egg or higher is one that is more likely to earn you a rare creature. The eggs pop up completely randomly, and there is seemingly no rhyme or reason as to where or when, but tougher battles might be more likely to earn rare creatures.

Connect to Facebook from within the game and you will be able to unlock the invite area. Start inviting people to play Card King: Dragon Wars and you will be able to earn rewards based on how many invites you can rack up. If you want to scout for people using means other than bugging your friends, then post your friend code in the comments here or elsewhere, and hope that people redeem it, and be sure to redeem other peoples’ friend codes to return the favor.