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Card Wars Kingdom – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Card Wars Kingdom, also known as Card Wars 2, is the sequel to the original Card Wars – Adventure Time game by Cartoon Network. You play as Jake, and your goal is to build up a collection of cards based off of characters from the show, collect gems and bones, upgrade your cards to power them up, and do battle against other characters from the show. Read on for some tips and tricks for Card Wars Kingdom!

Gems are the premium currency of the game, and the quickest way to earn them is with an in-app purchase; however, you can get more than enough of them for free to make a premium card purchase in the store. Go to the Missions menu and you’ll see the daily missions, which earn you bones and (if you complete all of the other daily quests) diamonds. Swipe to slide over to the global missions; every single one of these is worth gems, so collect your rewards and make note of the ones that you still have to complete.

When you put your team together, take into account not only their basic stats (health and attack power) but also what item and landscape cards each troop carries with them. Some rarer troops will come with team attacks, which require a high amount of points to execute, but when you do use them, they will do a massive amount of damage.

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Try to get as many Corn Dogs as possible into your deck. They are very overpowered, costing 2 energy for only 33 base attack, and because they are common, they can be acquired from wishbone chests and daily chests. Use enhancement cards in battle that give haste and damage boosts and you’ll be nearly unstoppable.

Once you hit rank 7 you will unlock the oil rig, which will allow you to engage in battles against teams made by other players. These cost purple hearts, rather than the red hearts that are spent when you battle against a computer-controlled team, so once you run out of hearts, head to the oil rig for awhile and battle it out there.

The lab has three features: powering up, awakening and enhancing. Power-ups will increase the level of your cards, as well as their stats. Enhancing will increase the star-level of your cards. Awakening has not been implemented into the game yet, but it will eventually allow you to change the form of one of your creatures.

The game will not prompt you to log into Facebook unless you enter a birthdate that is old enough to register for a Facebook account. If you delete and reinstall or switch devices and have a FB account, that’s how you need to login.