Cards and Castles – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Cards and Castles is a strategic collectible card battling game for the iOS and Android platforms. You can play in single player scenarios, casual games against other live players, or competitive games for rank, prizes and bragging rights. You have nearly limitless card combinations that you can use to bolster your deck and strategize in order to win battles. Read on for some tips and tricks for Cards and Castles!

Your main goal in each battle is to destroy the other player’s headquarters. However, you will earn more card points at the end of the battle if you take over more towers. If you destroy a tower all the way, it will become yours; however, if the enemy destroys that tower in turn, it will become theirs. If it gets destroyed enough times, it will simply disappear, so try to protect a tower after you take it.

Later on in battles, they can start to drag on because you’ll end up with more gold than you have cards to spend it on, so make sure to add cards to your deck that will draw cards at the end of a turn, as these will be extremely valuable at the tail end of battles, especially when the enemy still has multiple warriors left in battle, and you only have one.

Add a good mix of fighting units to your deck, but pay special attention to Pyromancers and other units with splash damage, as well as cards that deal splash damage, because when you end up at a disadvantage with the number of cards you have, they remedy that by allowing you to damage, and possibly kill, multiple enemies (and the headquarters, and other buff buildings) at the same time.

Always be sure to check the daily deals, as these will give you rare and special cards that are extremely uncommon to earn when you are simply buying regular booster packs. Rare cards are the best kind to add to your deck, as they are either the best fighters, the best buffs, or the best building cards.

Make sure that you have a good connection when you are playing against another player. If your internet connection goes out for too long, you’ll end up having to forfeit that turn. If your connection is too spotty, play a single player scenario instead, or play a practice round, since it won’t matter how bad your connection is in these rounds, as long as there is still a little bit of a connection to play with.

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