Carnage: Battle Arena – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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Carnage: Battle Arena is a new demolition derby game for the iOS and Android platforms where you and other players fight to destroy each other’s cars using all sorts of creative methods. You can use anything from simple ramming to various weapons and power-ups that you find in the field to try to knock off other players.

You can earn coins, gems, car parts, and new cars, as well as a whole bunch of other goodies. You can also play in various game modes, in order to always keep things interesting.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Carnage: Battle Arena!

There are four main modes of play in this game. Survival is all about being the last one to stay alive. In this one, it’s best to play slightly more conservatively, letting players kill each other off, while trying to avoid taking damage as much as possible. But do as much damage as you can within those parameters to speed along your eventual win.

In Score mode, the winner is determined by the score, and the score is determined by who does the most damage. Go after other players, stay on the attack as much as possible, and use your power-ups to your best advantage. If you crash out, you’ll respawn, and then you can do it all over again.

Racing mode pits you in a race against other players, but destruction and respawning are very much the name of the game here, too. Destroy other players to knock them back by forcing them to respawn.

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Freestyle mode is simply a mode of the game where you’re the only one on the field. You’ll be able to test out tricks, experiment with your play, and more. Use this mode when you want to try something out.

When you win a game, you’ll earn a chest. Be sure to earn a backlog of chests and unlock them as soon as possible. Chests can earn you coins, car parts, new components to put on your cars, and car parts. If you get enough car parts, you’ll be able to unlock a brand new car.

Each car has different stats consisting of Engine, Health, Armor, Damage, and Nitro. Engine controls both your acceleration and your troop speed. Health and Armor allow you to take more hits before you crash out. Damage allows you to smash enemies more efficiently. Nitro increases the speed of your boosts.

You can also change out your tires to modify three other stats; your grip, which affects your handling, heal, which controls how fast you recover from damage, and your jump, which simply affects how high you can jump.

There are a ton of power-ups to use on every stage, so experiment with all of them to figure out the best way to use them. This is one thing that the freestyle game is good for, but use the power-ups in the other levels as well, so that you can figure out the best way to hit other players with them.

Be sure to take all of the ad video offers that you can. At the top of the screen is a button that allows you to watch an ad video for 500 free coins, so any time that you need to earn more coins, use this option to watch a video. When the video finishes, you’ll get your coins.

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