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Cartel Kings – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Cartel Kings is a new game for the iPhone , IPad, and Android platforms or your goal is to start your own cartel, grow in power, and eventually take over the entire town. Your method of doing this is by winning battles against the police force and against other players, building up your city and its defenses, and eventually taking over. Read on for some tips and tricks for Cartel Kings!

Anytime that you are in a gun battle you can put the game into frenzy mode, which causes your character to engage in gun battles automatically. When used alone the frenzy mode will be vastly inferior to doing all of your old aiming. However, while frenzy mode is activated you will still be able to eat on your own. Turn on frenzy mode and aim the weapon yourself as well. When you and the computer double team enemies, you will become almost unstoppable.

You can use the counterfeiter once a day in order to get a whole bunch of extra cash. Swipe up with both thumbs, one in front of the other, as quickly as possible in order to earn the highest amount. The faster you swipe, the higher your multiplier will be and the more other bonuses that you will earn in addition, such as gold and casino chips.

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Gold and casino chips are the two premium currencies of the game, and each one can be earned in a different way. Gold can be earned through the completion of missions, found on the map, or as a reward for completing the various asks in the game. Casino chips can be earned by tapping on the drive-in theater on your map and watching advertisement videos. Each video that you watch will earn you one free casino chip.

One of the most important things to spend your cash on is to constantly purchase improvements for your gun. Buy new parts for your gun and you will be able to increase the damage that the gun does overall as well as the size of the clip. This is important because while bonus guns in your random loadout will run out, your permanent gun will stay with you through the entire round.

As soon as you hit experience level nine, join a cartel. Once you are in a cartel, you and your buddies will be able to send equipment back-and-forth with each other, as well as help each other out with missions. This is important because missions will show up on the map and if you don’t have the right equipment to help, you won’t be able to earn any bonuses.