Can you really get a free McLaren F1 or free blue points in Car Town? Do hack bots work?

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I’ve seen more comment spam around relating to Car Town that promises things such as a free McLaren F1, free blue points, or hack bots that will let you cheat Car Town. Do these work? Can you really get a free McLaren F1 or free blue points? Or are the people who post these comments simply lying? What is the truth?


The truth is, no, none of these links will do it for you, no matter how many of them you click, trying to get to the one that does work. What they will do is they will give you a whole lot of spam, use your Facebook account to spam your friends, and convince you to spam other forums and comment boxes thinking that you will get it this way.


They will also often tell you to post the link to their free McLaren F1 site 7 times. You are promised a free McLaren F1 for doing this. There’s one problem though. The sites have no way of tracking how many times you have reposted the link. If they somehow are tracking how many times you have posted the link, then they have malware or a trojan on your computer, and you should run a virus scanner immediately.


Some sites will also tell you to “like” a site in order to get the new information. However, this never works. All that will happen is that they will get your information, and they will start trying to fish for even more of your information.


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Their promises will always go unfulfilled. You will get no free McLaren F1s. You will get no free blue points. All that will happen is that you will have spammed their own link for them and advertised their garbage website for free, leaving them richer and you feeling stupid for doing it. What should you do instead when you see links that promise you free McLaren F1s or blue points? Ignore them and if possible, report them to the moderator or the admin of the website you are visiting.


The only way to get a McLaren F1 in Car Town is the legitimate way. Level up, play the game, make a ton of money, unlock more lucrative jobs, do said jobs, and make enough money to buy an F1. You can also spend real money in order to buy blue points and get your F1. However, you’ll never get a McLaren F1 from a spammer running a phony website or Facebook page.


Using hack bots is just as bad as believing those websites, too. They are a good way to get yourself banned off of car town, and a cheat that works from a hack bot one day will be patched the next day, so there is absolutely no point in trying to run that one past the game. And some bot links are spam links just like the McLaren F1 and blue point links that will not do anything for you. So there really is no point in clicking them.

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