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CS GO Case Simulator: Guide – Top 15 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategies, Part 2

10) The upgrades that allow you to make combos faster might be expensive, but they are EXTREMELY helpful. Take the tapping tips in the first part of the article, and cut the doldroms of the 1.xx multiplier areas in half, because the combos will build up almost twice as fast if you upgrade the tapping combo speed.

9) Weapons contracts allow you to trade ten weapons of one rarity color for weapons of the next color up. You can’t mix StatTrak with non-StatTrak weapons, but if you make a contract with ten StatTrak weapons, you can get a StatTrak weapon of the next color up. You can do combos but not stickers in the contracts.

8) Go to the case area and then tab to the right and you’ll get a bunch of other options. Buy a souvenir and you’ll get a weapon without having to purchase a whole bunch of keys. This is a great source of cheap weapons for contract fodder. Expensive souvenir packs can give some really rare weapons but they also have a chance at giving you crap weapons, so they can be a little bit of a gamble.

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7) If you get 1,000 dollars you can purchase the jackpot feature at any time from the upgrade store. The jackpot feature lets you trade weapons for a chance at a jackpot. It requires a little bit of extra strategy to play, though, or else you’ll just waste a ton of weapons for nothing.

6) To make it so that the jackpot caters to the weapons and stickers that you put into it, tap the little gear icon while it’s going and change the sticker price from high to low, or from low to medium. The higher the jackpot goes, the lower your chances at winning will be.

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