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CS GO Case Simulator: Guide – Top 15 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategies

CS GO Case Simulator, previously known as Case Clicker, is an extremely popular clicker game based on the weapons, stickers, and e-sports culture of CS: GO. Your goal here is to collect weapons and make money, and there is a nearly endless assortment of guns, knives, stickers and more. You can even get StatTrak weapons and some really rare goods too. Read on for the top fifteen tips and tricks for CS GO Case Simulator!

15) Tap with more than one thumb. If you tap with two thumbs, not only can you make the combo rise faster, but you can make money twice as fast as well. Alternate the thumbs because the game won’t read two taps at the exact same time. You can tap on the money portion to earn money faster, or you can tap on the case portion to get cases more quickly.

14) Your combos can go up endlessly if you keep tapping. They’ll go from 1.01 to 1.02, 1.03 etc, but keep tapping and you can make them go up to 2.00x, 3.00x, an endless amount if you keep on tapping. This is how you can earn money extremely quickly if you’re patient enough to get through the dull 1.xx portions of the combos.

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13) Upgrade the cases to get more of them besides the crappy breakout cases. Go to the upgrades and buy every single case upgrade that you see. This will make it so that the cases are a whole lot less worthless than they were to begin with. Pruchase the StatTrak probability upgrades too, because every weapon with StatTrak will be worth a lot more than any weapon without it.

12) Purchase the new ranks in the upgrade store, such as Gold Nova, Silver Nova, whatever you see in there, and you’ll unlock far more upgrades. Upgrade this over and over again to flood the upgrade store with all kinds of good stuff that you can buy. The higher the rank goes, though, the more cases you’ll need to open in order to unlock them.

11) You can purchase upgrades that will give you offline earnings, or that will simply earn money for you without you tapping. They won’t do much at a time, but leave your phone open (make sure the screen is set not to go to sleep) whenever you plan to let it sit for awhile (such as when you are asleep) and then wake up to a whole bunch of extra cash.

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