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Case Chase: CSGO Case Clicker – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Win, and Strategy Guide, Page 2

Eventually you can unlock arms contracts in the upgrade store. Once you buy that particular upgrade, go to the equipment area and tab over to “sign a contract”. The way it works is that you have to pick ten weapons of the same color. Once you do, sign the contract and you’ll get one better weapon in exchange for losing those 10 weapons.

The weapon won’t always be a better one, though. Sometimes it will be worth less than the weapons that you gave up for it. Sometimes it will be worth less than just ONE of the weapons that you gave up. Make sure that each of your ten weapons is similar in price so that you don’t accidentally waste a real good weapon by giving it up.

You have 20 minutes that you can let your phone or tablet sit for before it stops collecting money for you. Upgrade up the silver tiers though and eventually, early on in the silver tiers, you will be able to add minutes to your offline time, five minutes at a time. Upgrade these, and your money per second, and your case search percentage per second, in order to make it so that the game actually earns you a little bit of something while you’re offline.

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Of course, if you want to cheat and keep collecting money indefinitely, then set your phone screen so that it doesn’t shut off at all when the phone is idle. This is a different setting depending on whether you use an iPhone or some type of Android. Plug it into a charger afterwards, and leave it sitting with the game active to keep collecting money forever.

Or set the time ahead on your phone to cheat and collect money all at once. This still has to abide by the time limit, so if you have only 20 minutes that you can collect offline for, set it ahead for 20 minutes. Then go back to the game, then collect, then do the time cheat all over again, and repeat as many times as you want to. Although tapping is arguably easier in this game.

Hit the shop and watch ads as often as you can. You can watch ads to either get a free case, double your tapping power for 45 seconds, or skip the current mission. Skip any mission that you don’t understand, but don’t skip easy missions. Do the other two ad watches as often as possible, and watch an ad for your daily reward too under the daily tab.

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