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Case Chase: CSGO Case Clicker – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Win, and Strategy Guide

Case Chase: CSGO Case Clicker, formerly Case Clicker, is a new iOS and Android game that has come out of nowhere to become a big hit. This game is a cross between the Counterstrike case game and a clicker game, as you tap to either earn money or to work towards opening a case. The case will, of course, earn you a gun, and the further you go into the game, the better the cases and the bigger the guns. Read on for some tips and tricks for Case Chase: CSGO Case Clicker!

You can tap with more than one finger at a time. Generally, it’s recommended to tap with two fingers at a time, alternatingly (not at the same time), using two fingers either on the same hand, or two fingers on two different hands. The faster the taps, the more money you can make and the quicker you can open each case.

As you open more and more cases, you unlock more and more different upgrades in the store. These upgrades will allow you to earn more per click, open the box a higher percentage per tap, and get better boxes from the roulette. In addition, they’ll auto-open and auto-earn you cash, including while you are offline. So keep purchasing these in order to maximize your earnings.
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Guns have no practical use in the game at all. All that they are good for is to be sold. This is also true for any other weapon, such as knives, clubs and others. Of course, you never want to sell a create without opening it, so that you can get as many guns as you can, but many of them will be worthless. Few of them will be truly worth something.

That’s why, instead of opening every case that you get, save up your money, continue to get cases at a rapid speed, and (assuming you have already unlocked the higher-leveled cases), open the good cases while ignoring the beginning ones such as the breakout case. You have a far likelier shot of getting lucrative weapons by doing this, and you risk a whole lot less money while you are doing so.

Hit the store and you will be able to watch advertisement videos for all kinds of enhancements. These include getting free crates, temporary coin doublers, and other goodies. If you are not on an internet connection you won’t be able to watch any of the videos. If you run out of videos, then shut the game off and then open it back up again, and/or wait about 15 minutes and more videos will show up.

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