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CS GO Case Simulator – Top 15 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategies, page 2

10) All of the tap combos in the world won’t mean a thing if you don’t upgrade the actual value of your taps. Go to the upgrade store and you can add monetary value to the price of each tap. This value is also included in the multipliers that you get. Plus, you can upgrade the speed at which your combo increases.

9) Run out of good things to unlock in the store? Aside from opening more cases to unlock extra upgrades, you can upgrade your store rank (these upgrades will have names like Silver Nova or Gold Nova) to open up even more unlockables in the store. Or gain an experience level and you’ll see more stuff start to pop up in the store, as well.

8) You have one mission to complete at a time. Usually it’s fairly easy stuff like buying four sticker cases, or opening 5 cases, or tapping 200 times on the money part of the screen. Complete these missions to earn extra experience points. This experience will add up and result in you gaining levels.

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7) If you go to the case menu, then tab over to the right, you can find more beyond weapons cases. The souvenir packages will allow you to purchase weapons rather than tapping for them. The cheap ones are great for arms contracts. Sticker capsules will allow you to purchase a random sticker (rare ones can be worth a lot, just like weapons). The autographs will almost always sell for more than you spent on them.

6) Once you unlock a weapons contract (gain levels in order to do so), you will be able to trade 10 weapons for one weapon of a higher rarity. ALWAYS trade the cheapest weapons that you have of said rarity. Don’t send over weapons whose worth can be measured in dollars. Send the ones that are 20 cents or less so that you don’t lose out on a lot of money.

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