Cash Dash: Cameron, Nash, Carter, and Hayes – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Cash Dash: Cameron, Nash, Carter, and Hayes (or simply Cash Dash for short) is a new iOS platformer game starring four Youtube celebrities, and thus it has rapidly become one of the most popular mobile games around. Your goal in this game is to take one of these four characters through a large amount of different levels, collecting the treasure as you go. Read on for some tips and tricks for Cash Dash: Cameron, Nash, Carter, and Hayes!

While each stage is different and each stage has its own challenges, there are many similarities as well. For example, every single stage takes three minutes to complete, and if you run out of time on a stage, you lose a life. You begin the game with five lives, so use them sparingly.

In addition to the above, the treasure is always in the same place on a stage, and that is in the far bottom right corner. That makes it very easy to get to most of the time, because every stage contains so much dirt. Simply shoot through with your cell phone, then run or crawl as far as you can. and if you can’t reach, then send a stream of shockwaves and run behind them (or crawl behind them) until they destroy something.

While it’s currently unknown what gems are used for, coins are used for purchasing things in the store. You can either purchase more lives for your character using coins, or you can purchase new themes from the shop using 1000 coins. Or you can buy both provided that you have enough coins to do so.

Enemies can be dealt with in one of two ways. They can either be jumped on, or they can be shot using your iPhone. Jumping on them is an inexact science because of the vague controls and especially because of the height of some enemies (such as the mummies that pop up often) so stick to shooting to make it a much easier go of things.

There is also no appreciable difference no matter what character you use in this game. All of the characters have the exact same attributes as each other. Plus, every character plays on the same levels, as well. The only major difference seems to be the way each one of them looks.

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