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Spend Your Fame Wisely
Once you earn your first bit of fame, go back to the VIP shop and tab over to the fame shop, and you’ll be able to use your fame to purchase new boosts. Don’t start buying boosts until you can afford to lose the fame – if you spend too much fame too soon, you’ll end up going backwards due to the lack of fame boost. Most of the purchases are kind of weak except for the universal income boosts.

Spend Your Golden Tickets Wisely
Arguably the best way to spend your golden tickets in this game is to boost the Galactic Station. The reason for this is that the Galactic Station is by far the highest-earning anyways, and giving it that boost will make it unstoppable. Even when you’re fresh off of a prestige, you can still tap on the UFOs, flying pigs and paper airplanes and still earn a gigantic amount of money because the money that you earn from them is based off of your total income, which will be increased to astronomic levels by an advisor boost to the Galactic Station.

Get Free Crystals
There are multiple ways to get free crystals in this game. One of these ways is to head to the crystal store for the first time, where you will get 100 free crystals. Next, go to the share page from the crystal menu. Share it to wherever the hell you want, wait for a friend to download it (share it with friends who like Adventure Capitalist and similar games), and when they do, you’ll get free crystals.

What To Spend Your Crystals On
Avoid buying the time skips in this game. They are arguably by far the most useless purchase that you can make because a little bit of patience will earn you the exact same wad of cash. Instead, either use them on golden tickets, or use them on a permanent boost. Hit the boosters button and scroll down and you can either buy a 3x, 9x, 27x or 60x permanent boost to your income depending on how much you want to spend.

Other Worthless Expenditures
Ignore the purchase too that allows you to take your fame without restarting. The more fame that you get, the quicker that you will be able to get back to your old position without having to spend any gems/crystals or anything of the sort. The only crystal purchases that are worthwhile in this game and are worth the money spent on an in-app purchase are the permanent boosts.

Spin To Win
Watch for the spin-to-win to pop up in the top left corner of the screen. Tap it and a video will play, and then when the video is done, spin the wheel to win either crystals, a time warp, or even golden tickets. You’ll be able to spin once every hour, so be sure to check back and spin to win as often as possible.

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