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Cash Me Outside (mobile game) – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Cash Me Outside is the latest mobile game app based on a meme by Anonymous Inc./Squad Social LLC. This endless runner stars the girl from the memes as well as a host of other unlockable characters, and your goal is to run as far as you can while collecting gems. Read on for some tips and tricks for Cash Me Outside!

The platforms will constantly shift as you run, but unless you see a close platform appear early on, make sure that you are at the end of a platform in order to jump. If the platform that you are currently on has a set of downward stairs, then wait til you are at or near the bottom of the steps and then jump.

You can use the gems that you collect along the way to do one of two things. You can purchase a new character for 500 gems. Or, if you collect 2,000 gems, go back to the home screen and you will be able to unlock a new level. There are a total of three unlockable levels in addition to the first level, although expect more to be added at some point by the developers.

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The ads that pop up randomly can be a bit intrusive, but there is generally a way to get rid of them very quickly. Tap on the upper left corner of the screen and then hit cancel, then the X will appear to close the ad. Tap the X, then on the next screen, tap the X again and the ad will go away. This can all be done in a span of about five seconds.

Check out the Game Center or Google Play scoreboard to see how you fare against everyone else who plays this game. If you see a score that is insanely, unrealistically high, it’s typically a hack, but if you see a score that is sky-high but looks believable and/or attainable, then that one is the one to go for.

Right now, the only way to earn gems is to grind for them in the levels, but with a future update expect video ads to possibly be added as a method to earn gems. You can’t buy gems as an in-app purchase, although you can directly buy new stages or purchase ad-free mode.