Castle Clash – Defense Guide: How to defend your base against enemy attacks

Castle Clash is one of the most popular backyard defense games for the iPhone and Android platforms. Almost right from when you begin the game, your base will come under constant attack by other players. They will send us their heroes and their troops in, and if your defense isn’t up to snuff, then you were going to get beaten very quickly. However, compared to other games of this genre, there is a huge variety of defense strategies that you can use. Read on to find out how to defend your base in Castle Clash!

Like in most games of this genre, such as Clash of Clans, you have a variety of defensive towers and other implements that you can purchase; however, the variety is much smaller than most games. They are essentially limited to the watchtower, the bomb trap, hero trap, and the walls. Build walls around your city in order to add an extra layer of protection. Watchtowers have archers stationed inside, and when the enemy gets too close, they will be shot. Bomb traps will set off whenever any enemy gets too close, while hero traps will only set off when one of the opposing heroes gets too close. Upgrade your town hall and you can increase the maximum number of defenses implements that you can build.

There is a reason for the smaller variety of defensive buildings in this game, though, and that is that you’re attack buildings play more of a defensive role this game then in most. Whenever you have troops stationed in your army camp, they will defend your base. Anytime that opposing enemies and heroes get too close, Any troops that you have stationed in the army camp will attack. The same is true for any of your hero camps; if your heroes are at full health, then they will defend the area surrounding whichever hero camp they are stationed at.

Whenever you upgrade your watchtowers, their defensive range, attack power, and health points will increase. Whenever you upgrade your hero camps and your army chance, it will increase the range of areas surrounding the camps that your heroes will be able to defend. Hero camps and army camps, just like your defensive buildings, have a maximum number that you can build. Increase this maximum number my upgrading your town hall.

How you organize your buildings is just as important as what defense buildings you have. Place your buildings as close together as absolutely possible, so that it’s easier to maintain full defensive coverage with less total defense buildings. Arrange your camps and your defenses so that your entire base is covered. Build the wall to surround your entire base, with no holes left in between. Or, if you do leave a hole or two, place your bomb traps and hero traps there so that you can deal massive damage to them.

Your town hall, mana buildings, and gold buildings are the most valuable buildings that you have and the ones that enemy troops will want to go after, so that they can steal your resources. Place these buildings as close to the center of your base as possible. Surround them with nonessential buildings in order to draw enemy fire, and so that your watchtowers, army, and heroes have more time to dispose of the enemy troops before any real damage is done.

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