Castle Clash – Arena Guide: How to win arena battles and how to defend your crystal

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Arena battles are a relatively minor part of Castle Clash. Despite this, they are one of the most challenging and addicting portions of the game, and they can be even more frustrating than the full on army battles that make up the main core of the game. Arena battles hit your heroes against another players heroes in a battle to see you can destroy whose crystal first. Read on for a guide and how to be the winner of these arena battles!

First and foremost, you have to have enough heroes to be successful. You can start earning more heroes by purchasing them from the heroes alter, using either HB, gems, or hero shards. HB will accumulate hourly just for unlocking the arena; however, gems and hero shards are far more rare, but will typically produce stronger heroes whenever you use them for purchasing.

Unlike in standard battles, your hero does not need to be placed inside of a hero camp before they become usable to you. However, a hero that is not inside of a hero camp will not be able to gain experience levels from normal battles, so they will be severely hamstrung as far as gaining experience and becoming more powerful.

You will only be able to use a maximum of five heroes at the same time, so make the most out of what you have. Send your heroes into battle as often as possible so that they can gain experience levels and become more powerful. Once you were heroes hit level 20, you will have to spend HB and gold in order to upgrade them. The same is true for every of multiplier of 20 that they had it.

Once those basics are out of the way, you will be able to set your defense. Your heroes will not automatically show up in your defense formation. You will need to place them there manually. Spread them out fairly evenly across the three positions so that you can have all of your bases covered.

As far as challenging other players, though, you will not be able to see where they have placed their heroes before you attack. But if you attack and then lose, but it’s a close loss, remember where the player that you just lost to has set their heroes, and send out your heroes accordingly, matching your heroes up against theirs. Put your short range attackers against theirs and your long-range attackers against theirs. Ideally, if you have more long-range attackers then they do, you will have an extra advantage against their short-range attackers.

Rank is calculated in the reverse, with one being the best player in the game. Increase your rank the most by challenging players with lower ranking numbers.

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