Castle Clash – Attack Guide, Part 2

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Welcome to part two of the Castle Clash attack guide! Click here to go back to part one of the guide.

Troops cannot be leveled up in the same way that heroes can; however, it is still possible to improve their performance in battle. Go to the training center and you will be able to upgrade each troop type individually, and all upgrades will apply retroactively to troops that you have already trained and are in your army camps as well. Plus, upgrades are required in order to unlock brand-new troop types.

Upgrade your army camps in order to add to the number of housing spaces in the each one. You can only build one army camp at first, but after a certain amount of upgrades to the town hall, you will be able to build a more additional army camps, which will greatly increase the potential size of your army. Fill up your camps and build as many camps as possible, because battling against other players is a numbers game as much as it is a game of troop types, and usually, the player with a higher number of troops is the player who wins.

You will be able to earn up to three stars in each battle. Your star ranking is based upon how much damage is done during the battle, on a scale from 0 to 100%. If the first building that you destroy is the town hall, then you will earn at least one star no matter the damage percentage; if not, though, then you have to do at least 50% damage to be victorious in battle. 50% damage is equivalent to earning a two star rating. You have to destroy every building to do 100% damage and earn the three-star rating.

In addition to that heroes and the army, you can also purchase magic spells to use in a battle. Go to the relic hall to find these spells. The more that you upgrade the relic hall, the more spell slots that you will unlock, as well as a higher number of spell types. Strong magic is no replacement for a strong army, but it can give you the edge in an otherwise close battle.

There are eight additional troop types that you can unlock in the training center. The Hammer Dwarf is unlocked by upgrading the Guardian to level five. It only occupies two spaces, does a short range attack, is super fastand has a fairly high amount of attack power and hit points. The centaur is unlocked by upgrading your Archer to level five, and will move fast and shoot arrows. It is particularly strong against enemy heroes and army troops.

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