Castle Clash: How to get more Might, HB and Hero Shards

Castle Clash is a game that comes with a rash of different currencies. The main two are Gold and Mana, while the top tier currency is Gems, but what about those ‘tweeners? HB (Honor Badges) and Hero Shards are two niche currencies, both of which are kind of secretive, but both of which are extremely important as you get further into the game. Might isn’t a currency, but you’ll want more might to intimidate other players from trying to get after you. Read on to find out how to get more of all three!

HB: Your main method of getting HB is simply waiting for them to appear after you build the arena. You earn a set amount per hour, starting at 50 HB per hour, and then increasing as you improve your standing in the arena battles. The top fighter, for example, earns over 4,000 HB per hour in the arena. Unlike with Gold and Mana, you don’t have to do any work collecting them manually.

You can earn a few HB at a time by winning standard battles in dungeons and against other players. Usually, you won’t get any HB if you get less than three stars. If you lose a battle against another player (but not in a dungeon), you’ll actually get HB taken away from you. You can also earn a lot of HB by winning arena battles, while losing arena battles will earn you a small bit of HB.

Hero Shards: Hero Shards are FAR more difficult to come by, though not entirely impossible. Hero Shards can be earned by earning three stars on specific dungeons. Skull dungeons are the ones that are going to have the most Hero Shards, but you’ll still earn only a few at a time. The higher the level of dungeons that you get to, though, the more of them you will have a chance to earn per battle.

Might: Might is a function of how many buildings you have, the total upgrade level of all of your buildings, and the number of troops that you have. To increase your might, simply upgrade your buildings, train more troops, and build more buildings. When you hit your limits, upgrade the Town Hall and do it all over again.

Might, however, shouldn’t be increased for its own sake. In fact, try to keep your might artificially lowered so that you get matched up against easier combatants in the battle mode, because might determines how you get matched up against people.