Castle Clash Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 2: More Hints, Cheats and Strategies

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Fighting in the arena is a good way to earn HBs (AKA honor badges) and Hero Shards, but you have to know how to do the fighting first. Your fights will be between teams of heroes. You can place them in three locations relative to the crystal that you have to protect, and then they go and destroy the enemy’s crystal. You can place as many heroes as you want in one single location, so if you know what you are up against, tailor your team accordingly.

Leveling up your heroes is done by sending them into battles (not arena battles, standard battles) against either other player, or in the dungeons. To get more heroes in the first place, buy them with HB, Shards or Gems at the Heroes Altar. HB will buy you the most worthless heroes (usually slimes and other level up heroes) but every once in awhile you will luck out. Gems will buy good fighting heroes, as can Hero Shards (if you spend enough of them).

After your heroes hit level twenty, go to the heroes altar and you’ll be able to increase their star rating. This is akin to “evolving” your hero and will allow them to continue leveling up, and is the only way to really get an edge against tougher arena opponents. Upgrading the star rating requires HBs, gold, and a predetermined number of defeated dungeons under your belt.

When you’re challenging other players, it’s fairly easy to figure out who you will beat, usually. The worst are the ones who have more army camps than you and appear to have those camps loaded with troops. Avoid those and spend the gold to move onto the next player. Loaded army camps can be more dangerous than hero camps, defensive towers and traps combined.

As you unlock new troops in the training center, you’ll figure out much different strategies for each of them. Sending in a few Treants is a great way to distract defensive towers and enemy army troops while some high-damage attacker, such as Pyromancers and Hunters, destroy everything else. Guardians, which take up the least housing space, are always effective despite being cheap, because you can send gigantic numbers in and “zergrush” almost any base.

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