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Castle Clash is one of the top strategy battle games on the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to assemble a cast of heroes and army troops, take on the world in isolated battles, quest through a seemingly endless array of difficult dungeons, and battle your team of heroes against opposing teams in the arena. Along the way you can earn tons of treasures, from the common (mana and gold) to the uncommon (HB, or honor badges) to the downright rare (Hero Shards and Diamonds). It’s a hugely in-depth game, so it’s hard to pick out just ten top tips, but nevertheless, we’ve managed to do it.

10) Place your buildings as close together as possible.
Do this so that you can completely surround your buildings with walls without having to build as many walls as you normally would. This also enables you to build walls further away from the buildings, so that it’s tougher for ranged troops to shoot over your walls.

9) Build the Arena as soon as possible so that you can start earning HB, and increase your rank to increase your hourly take of HB.
Build the arena and you will automatically begin earning a certain amount of honor badges every hour. You start off earning 50 at a time, but this increases as your arena battling rank does. The top player can earn thousands per hour. Use those HB to hire more heroes in the Heroes’ Altar.

8) Increase your Town Hall’s level as quickly as possible to maximize the size of your army.
The more you level up the Town Hall, the more army camps and hero camps that you can build, which will drastically increase the size and power of your army. Send in the largest armies that you possibly can every time that you battle, because you’ll save more troops this way, and winning the numbers game is most of the battle.

7) Use your four main types of troops strategically so that you can win easily.
You have four main troop types: The short-range quantity attacker that takes up little to no housing space, the long-range quantity attacker that takes up slightly more housing space, the magic user who does heavy damage but has low health, and the tank who has a massive amount of health and targets defensive buildings. Send in the tanks first to distract the watchtowers. Then send in your short- or long-range quantity attackers. Finally, send in your magic users to provide long-distance cover.

6)Target the Town Hall for a guaranteed win in battle.
If you destroy the Town Hall, you will win no matter how much damage you do. Otherwise, you need at least 50% damage. If you need a quick win and want to conserve troops, then end the battle right after destroying the Town Hall and you can move on to the next battle/s.

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