Castle Clash: How to win without spending any money

Castle Clash is a free to play massively multiplayer strategy game in which you build your base, build your army, assemble a batch of heroes, and attack other players while defending yourself against attacks on your base. Like almost every free to play game, this game comes with a number of in app purchases, notably gems/treasure, which is the premium purple stone that you can purchase in the in app purchase store. It’s very possible to win without spending any money, however. Read on to find out how to do just that!

You start off the game with a surprisingly significant amount of treasure. However, it’s easy to fall into the habit of using your treasure to speed up every construction project that you engage in. Resist the temptation to do so, instead simply using smart time management and waiting for buildings and upgrades to complete.

Your gems can also be used to speed up the training of troops in your army camps. Wait out the training, and you will end up with a full army without spending anything. Try to take as big of an army as you can into battle. Everyone of your troops that doesn’t die in battle will return to their army camp. So smart battle strategy and simply out numbering your enemies will enable you to keep the majority of your troops, and sometimes every single one of your trips. This will enable you to go back into battle much more quickly without having to spend gems.

You can also spend your treasure on purchasing new heroes in the heroes altar; however, you can purchase the same heroes using HB and hero shards. Hero shards can be a time by going to the skull dungeons, which are typically the toughest ones in their respective levels, and earning three stars. HB can be gathered very quickly simply by having an arena in your base. However, spending gems to earn rare heroes is one of the better uses of the currency.

If you don’t have rare heroes, make up for the lack of them by powering up your common heroes, which is done by increasing their experience level. The more your heroes participate in battles, both in the arenas and in base raids, the faster they will gain experience levels. After they level up to a multiple of 20, you will need to go back to the heroes alter and upgrade them, which is done by spending gold, HB, and having earned enough stars in the dungeons to unlock the upgrade.

If your heroes die in battle, then you will have to wait a few minutes for them to recover. You can spend 10 treasure to recover each hero immediately; however, this is one of the biggest waste of gems in the game.

Finally, in order to prevent the temptation of spending your premium currency on gold or mana, maximize the number and level of your mana mills and your gold mines. This will provide you with a constant regenerating source of resources that you can tap into whenever you get rated and attacked.