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Castle Crush – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Castle Crush is a new PvP line-defense game by Fun Games For Free, the generically-named studio best known for smash hit sniper games, endless runners, Minecraft clones and puzzle RPGs. You can build a deck like in Clash Royale, upgrade your characters, and send them out in an effort to take out the other player’s castle. You can form clans, battle against your clanmates, and earn coins and gems. Read on for some tips and tricks for Castle Crush!

While you’ll unlock a lot of rare, epic and legendary cards in this game, oftentimes the common cards, which require a low amount of energy to use, are your best option. Your deck should always be a blend of common and rare cards so that you can defend lanes against enemy attackers, but so that you can crowd your lane of choice with specific cards in order to stop your castle from getting owned.

You can collect chests, from common to rare, from battles, but you can also get free chests and victory chests to add to your stash. Free chests are unlocked in time intervals, and usually contain common cards. Victory chests are unlocked by beating four rounds, and they usually contain much rarer cards.

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Once you hit level 3, join up with a clan as soon as possible. You can battle against your clanmates in friendly tournaments, meaning that there are no trophies or coins at stake when you do. You can also send each other cards so that if you need a few cards to level up one of your characters, you can ask your clanmates for them. In exchange, be sure to send cards to your clanmates when they ask for them as well.

Gems are the premium currency of the game. While they can mainly be bought with real life money via in-app purchases, they can be found for free. They are typically found in the gold chests and (less frequently) in the silver chests. These ones will allow you to speed up chest unlocks, but they will also allow you to purchase chests in the store. Coins can be used to purchase individual cards in the store.

Flooding a lane is typically going to be your best bet when it comes to beating other players. Try to always be the first one to put cards out; do this, and you will control the tone of the battle. Most of the time, the player that floods the lane the quickest is the one who is going to win the battle.