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Castle Revenge – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Castle Revenge is a new MMORTS for the iOS and Android platforms. This game plays like the perfect cross between Clash of Clans and the original Angry Birds, as your goal is to protect your own castle while using various catapults and other weaponry to launch attacks on rivals’ castles. You can earn gold, mana, and rubies, and fight for supremacy among players of the game. Read one for some tips and tricks for Castle Revenge!

Your main battle strategy in this game should be to analyze the castle and look for weak points that you can take out and cause collateral damage. Look for an area that’s weak but also has stuff on top of it. Alternatively, for tall and skinny castles especially, aim your weapons straight at the bottom of the castle and fire at the base. If you topple the castle, fire one more token shot and you’ll win instantly.

You are going to need to collect a lot of mana and gold to build what you want in this game, so you’re going to need to max out both the level and quantity of your storages and your collectors. These should be your first priority, and they shouldn’t be too high in your castle, because that makes them a little bit easier to destroy and steal from.

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Rubies are the premium currency of the game. If you want to earn more rubies, then your best shot at earning them for free is to go to the achievements and complete them, and then collect the rewards. You can also watch the video offers that are in the tent to the left of your castle. Each video that you watch is worth 2 rubies.

Hire another builder as soon as you can. You can construct more than one room at once if you do – one room per builder. The first one is a gimme because it only costs 200 rubies, and you start the game with 300. Subsequent builders get more expensive, but they are arguably worth it, as long as you have enough resources to keep the construction going.

Load up your castle with defenses so that they can attack and possibly kill the catapults of the players that attack you. Load up on different types of ammo because you’ll need them for different types of rooms in other peoples’ castles. Heavy ammo takes out heavy rooms, and light ammo takes out light rooms.