CastleVille Facebook Game Guide: Cheats, tips, tricks and strategies

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First there was FarmVille, and then there was CityVille. Sure, there were many other Ville games that saw success in between these two, but nothing that Zynga has put out so far has managed the same level of success as these two have. Now comes Zynga’s newest Ville game, CastleVille, a game that has you starting from scratch, clearing out trees, rocks and other things, and building a kingdom full of houses, workshops and businesses, and an ever-expanding castle! Like many Ville games, sometimes it’s hard to make progress due to lack of energy and items that you need to complete missions, or you just don’t have enough money, but now, there are some CastleVille tips, tricks and strategies to help you along your way. Read on.

In FarmVille there was a trick that allowed you to surround your avatar with hay bales to trap him or her. This allowed you to get more done in a shorter amount of time because you wouldn’t have to wait for your avatar to walk to a location to complete a task. You can do the same thing in CastleVille as well. Simply move your avatar to a certain spot and build items around him or her, and trap them. I recommend using castle walls because they’re cheap, add castle points, and you begin the game with some castle walls placedalready. Simply click the spot you want to move your avatar to, then once he or she moves over there, surround your avatar with castle walls. Now no matter what you want to do, you won’t have to wait for your avatar to go there- it simply gets done instantly. If you restart the game and your avatar has moved, use the move tool to move a wall, click the blank space to move your avatar back inside, then move the castle wall back to its previous location.

To get more neighbors so that you can exchange gifts or visit their kingdoms, check out the CastleVille Add Me Page.

If you don’t have enough energy to chop down trees or mine rocks, or remove other objects that are in your way, you can use the move tool to move them out of your way. Use this to make extra space to build things if you have obstacles blocking you, as well.

You can also use the above trick to complete the quest that calls for you to remove objects that are surrounding the pond. If you have already removed all of the objects, and therefore don’t have anything to complete the quest with, move a few other trees, weeds, rocks or other objects next to the pond and then remove them to complete the quest.

If you run out of weeds to clear, trees to chop down or rocks to mine, simply go to the store,and buy more trees, weeds and rocks, then place them. After you place them, remove, chop or mine them just as you would any other rock, tree, or weed that was already there.

If beasties pop up, but you don’t have the energy to knock them around and you still need to gather wood, stones or other objects, you can still go to other areas of your map and do work. The only areas that the beasties have an effect on are those outlined in red, around the general area of the beasties. Beasties won’t cause any actual harm – they’ll just sit there and look intimidating until you get rid of them, so ignore them until you’re ready to get rid of them.

That’s all for now! More tips? Post them as comments!

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