CastleVille Energy Cheats, Tips and Strategies: How to get free energy without spending Castle Crowns

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Like many Zynga games, CastleVille is a game in which you are limited in what you can do by the amount of energy you have. You run out of energy fairly quickly, though not as quickly as in games like Adventure World, and then you have to wait for it to replenish. Energy takes 5 minutes to replenish per energy point that you use, so it can be a long wait before you finally have enough energy to get done what you need to get done. You can always spend real money and/or Castle Crowns on more energy, but what fun is that? Better to get FREE ENERGY. Read on to find out how!

The main ways to get free energy are the ones that everybody who has ever played CastleVille (or any other Zynga game, for that matter) knows about. If you level up, you get a free energy refill. In the case of CastleVille, you’ll often get an energy refill that gives you more than the maximum amount of energy. You’ll also get free Crowns by leveling up, which can then be spent on energy. You can visit your friends and neighbors and do various tasks on their properties, and you’ll earn one energy point when you do 5 tasks at your neighbor’s kingdom. You can do this once per day for each neighbor (once every 24 hours, that is). You can also bug your friends for energy. Yeah, these are the ones that we all know. However, there are more ways to get free energy.

The best ways to get free energy involve the Kitchen. You can build a Kitchen by going to the market, buying one for 5,000 coins, and then using the materials involved to complete it (10 wood planks and 2 gold bars). To get wood planks, go to your workshops and scroll down to the wood planks. Crafting a wood plank costs 6 wood. Gold bars require you to have stone blocks and alchemist’s powder in order to craft. Get stone blocks by going to your workshops and using 6 stones to craft them. Get alchemist’s powder by doing tasks in your neighbors’ kingdoms. Get more neighbors to earn alchemist powder faster.

Now you can craft a number of items that will give you energy, without you paying a cent of real money, or a single Castle Crown. Most of these items require other buildings, such as a mill or a bakery; however, two of them do not. One of these is grape juice, which is made out of grapes (which you get by planting and harvesting grapes) and water pails (which you get by fishing). The other is Tomato Bisque Soup, which you can craft using tomatoes (which you get by planting and harvesting tomatoes), milk (which you get by feeding adult cows), and butter (which can be crafted in the kitchen using milk). The grape juice takes 1 1/2 hours to craft and gives you 3 energy, and the Tomato Bisque Soup takes 8 hours to craft and gives you 5 energy, which makes the grape juice the obvious better deal. To craft more of these in shorter amounts of time, simply build as many kitchens as you are able to at the time and put them all to work crafting these items.

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