Cat Condo 2: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Cat Condo 2 is a new cat matching game for the iOS and Android platforms where you collect cats and merge cats together in order to earn new cats. You can earn money and gain levels, as well as collect gems, the premium currency of the game.

You have an entire encyclopedia of cats that you can unlock, plus mini-games that you can complete for coins and gems, and you can even do full customizations of the cat condos themselves.

Read on for some tips and cheats for Cat Condo 2!

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The premise of the game is simple in that you drag two cats over each other to merge them together and make a new cat. The income for that cat will double, as well; for example, the basic cat (Kitty Cat) will earn one coin at a time, the second cat (Sneaky Cat) will earn you two, the third cat (Japanese Bobtail) will earn you four, and the fourth (Persian) will earn you eight.

So to make the most money, keep merging cats together and making room for new cats. Tap on the cat crate in the bottom center of the screen to speed along the arrival of new cats. The faster you tap, the faster the new crates show up. You can even tap with two fingers if you have either a large device (tablet or iPhone XS Max, for example) or small fingers, or both.

There is a whole mess of objects below the cat condo, each that leads you to a different menu when you tap them. The pancake opens up mini-games, which are not only a great way to pass the time while new cats are appearing, but they’re also one of the few ways to earn free gems in this game. They’re worth a number of coins, too.

You’ll get one free mini-game right at the beginning of the game without having to do anything for it. After you use your free mini-game, you have to watch an ad video if you want to play any future ones. You can do this as often as you want if all you want to do is play mini-games.

Cats also have their own preferred items which, if they find them, allow their income to be boosted, albeit only by a little bit. They’re generally found inside of the gachas in the store, which is inside of the red and white cat ball tab. The coin gacha will contain common items, while the gem gacha will contain far rarer items.

Tap on the can of tuna to go to the Pet Shop. At first you won’t be able to buy anything besides the Kitty Cat, but later on you will be able to get rarer cats, starting with when you unlock cat 5, which is the Siamese Cat. You can spend coins or gems for specific cats, or you can watch a video to get a free random cat.

You can earn free gems a few different ways besides the mini-games. One way to get free gems is to unlock achievements. Tap on the trophy menu to see what you need to do to unlock them, or to collect rewards for ones you have already earned the reward for.

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