Cat Condo – Complete Tips, Cheats, Strategy and Upgrade Guide

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Cat Condo is a an idle cat collection and merging game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to merge cats to get new cats, earn a ton of money, and use that money to speed up the process, buying rarer cats and merging them to unlock even more cats. The more you upgrade your cats, the more money you earn per second. Read on for some tips and tricks for Cat Condo!

The base cat is the Kitty Cat, which can be earned for free simply by letting the game run its course, but if you want to earn Kitty Cats quicker, then tap on the cage icon in the center of the bottom menu. You can tap on it with multiple fingers at a time, which is easier to do on a tablet than on a phone, to make the cages appear quicker.

Every once in awhile, instead of the standard Kitty Cat cage, you’ll earn a surprise box. The surprise box will give you any upgraded cat randomly; if you have an internet connection, you can watch a video to upgrade the cat by one position. Surprise boxes will greatly speed up the upgrading of your cats in general without you having to spend any coins.

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Of course, with all of those coins that you’ll earn when you’re offline, you’ll be able to buy better cats. When you collect your offline earnings, watch a video to double what you earned when you were offline. This isn’t worth much if you were offline for only fifteen minutes, but if you were offline overnight or for an otherwise long length of time, this will earn you a massive amount of coins.

Cats will become more expensive the more you purchase of them. When they become too expensive to be worth it, then start working on buying the next cat up. Merge them together real quick, then fill your spaces again, and repeat until you either run out of coins or you end up with a new cat.

There are two in-app purchases that ou can make within the game. You can either buy better boxes to skip the Kitty Cat altogether and start at the Kitten, or you can double the speed at which the boxes appear. Neither of these is extremely worthwhile, though, especially when you get to the point where you can buy almost any cat that you want.

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