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Catch Up (Ketchapp) – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Catch Up is a new punny-named endless game for the iOS and Android platforms by Ketchapp. You control a rolling ball and you earn points by rolling it up, over and around various obstacles, picking up gems in the process. Read on for some tips and tricks for Catch Up by Ketchapp!

There are easy ways to get more balls in this game, but there are also different classes of balls. Some are rare, some are common. To get more common ones, get more gems, and to get more gems, collect them in levels and watch the video ads in exchange for more gems. Once you earn 200 gems, you will be able to unlock a new ball.

For the rare gems, though, you have to earn a total number of points that will cause the balls to unlock. The cheapest one requires you to only earn 300 points to unlock, but some of them require several thousand points to unlock. You don’t have to earn them all in one single run; you earn them as a cumulative total over a lifetime number of runs.

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One unique option that this game has is a dark mode, which changes the color of the background from white to black. Use this if you want to play the game at night without hurting your eyes, or just if the increased contrast between the background and everything else helps you focus on the game better. Better focus means a better score, generally.

The game will get faster and faster when you go further into a level. You’ll have to have faster reaction times in order to keep going deep into the game, but points will also add up more quickly, so if you can speed your times up, you’ll be able to very easily set new high scores, and unlock new, rare balls.

Rare balls are not the highest level of balls; legendary balls are the premium ones, and they can ONLY be gotten with a one-dollar in-app purchase. Social balls can be acquired by completing an action on the corresponding social media platform, such as Twitter or Facebook. Finally, sometimes the game will give you a ball to try out for free. Play with it and at the end of the run, an offer will appear for you to earn the ball for free in exchange for an ad video.