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Big Buck Hunter: Marksman – List of Promo Codes and How To Find More of Them

Big Buck Hunter: Marksman is a new, extremely popular iOS and Android hunting game where you can compete against other players to hunt buck and other animals. The name has a double-meaning, because you can compete for actual, real-life bucks, or money. There’s a free play mode and there’s a paid play mode, and the […Read More]

LGBT Flags Merge! – All Flags Guide: All 144 Answers, Solutions, Combinations, and Cheats

LGBT Flags Merge is a new casual game for the iOS and Android platforms where you merge two flags together to create and discover a new flag. You can discover and learn about the entire spectrum of gender identities and sexualities across the entire LGBTQUIA+ spectrum, even including identities unique to specific cultures, such as […Read More]