Cats Are Cute: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Cats Are Cute is a new iOS and Android game with outline-style graphics where your goal is to collect cats like in Neko Atsume, but you also manage the city that the cats live in. For each cat you get one building, and you can tap to gain levels, play games with the cats, and earn loads of fish and catgrass. Read on for some tips, cheats, hints, strategies, and tricks for Cats Are Cute!

You start off with only one cat and one building, but as you go through the game, you can unlock more using your catgrass and your fish. Fish are the main currency; they allow you to buy either a normal or a rare cat in the store. Catgrass is your premium currency, and this allows you to get either a normal/rare/epic draw for 600 Catgrass, or a normal/rare/epic event draw with even more limited-edition cats for 1,200 Catgrass.

The main way to get more fish early on is to level up, but as you add more houses and level-ups require more and more taps, houses will become your big fish earner. It takes two hours for houses to fill with the maximum fish level, or you can fill them right away by setting the time on your phone or tablet ahead by two hours. Once you do that, go back to the game and tap all of your houses. Upgrade your houses to increase the hourly and maximum fish earnings.

Cats always want to play all kinds of games with you. If they want you to look at them, just look at them for six seconds. If they want to play hide and seek with you, look the cat to be poking either their head or tail out from behind a tree, and then tap them. If they want you to feed them, tap rapidly to feed them, then when their bowl is full, the game is done. Each game earns you some hearts.

However, the quickest way to earn hearts is simply to tap anywhere on the screen. Ignore the random screen movements that happen when you tap with multiple fingers and tap with as many fingers as you can at a time – not at the same time, though, alternate your fingers because the screen can’t read more than one tap at a time.

If you draw for a cat in the shop and you get a duplicate cat, you’ll get toys instead. Toys can be used to either teach a cat a new skill or to decorate a building. The decoration aspect will do nothing for its performance, it just makes it look good. The new skill may or may not be learned by the cat; the more you tap during the skill-learning period, the better the chances.

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