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Celebrity Street Fight (Android/iPhone game)- Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Win, and Strategy Guide

Celebrity Street Fight is a new fighting game for the iOS and Android starring a massive cast of social media stars, as well as Mark Cuban and former Jersey Shore star Mike “The Situation”. Your goal is to fight for fame, credits, and the gold belt, and to do that you get all sorts of special moves, equipment and rage attacks to knock out the other guy or girl. Read on for some tips and tricks for Celebrity Street Fight!

You have a whole host of moves you can do even outside of the special attack and the usual moves. Hold the punch or kick button to charge up for a power punch or a power kick. Do the Hadouken maneuver (down, forward, punch or kick) for a special karate combo or a special punch combo, which can knock the enemy dizzy, making it that much easier to land a charge shot.

Try to back the enemy into a corner and don’t let yourself get backed into one. When you have them against a wall it’s easy to land multiple head shots (head shots do more damage). When you’re in one, hit up-forward diagonal to jump over them and do a flip. Time a punch or kick right and you can hit them on the way up or down for a headshot.

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After the round you’ll win credits. If you want to get even more, hit the free credits button that pops up right after the round ends. An ad video will play and you’ll earn 5,000 credits as a reward. Hit the “more credits” button on the next pop up if you want to watch another video for free credits. You can do this as many times as you want until the game literally runs out of videos to show you.

Save up your weapons for the later battles. Don’t use them, but keep using your credits to stockpile them. Later battles will get very hard, very quickly, so you’ll need to use them to stay ahead. If you want to go back and fight for more credits, run yourself out of lives and then go back to the main menu. Pick your same character again to go back to the last checkpoint, or a new character to start the road to the championship back over, then fight for more credits.

If you run out of lives, you can stay where you’re at by watching an advertisement video for more lives. If you want to get a free weapon without spending credits for it, you can use Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat to hit up your celebrity of choice in exchange for said weapon.