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Cell Trap – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Cell Trap is the game that’s all about matching four numbers to make bigger numbers. Your goal is to keep matching and matching, endlessly, until you run out of numbers to match. You have two games modes (Normal and Extreme) and a nearly endless amount of numbers to make. Read on for some tips and tricks for Cell Trap for the Android and iPhone!

Always have your eye on the next move when you make a match. Usually when you have three numbers next to each other, and a fourth number ready to be moved, you will be able to move it to one of many positions, and the place where you drop it is the place where the combined number will end up. So always try to drop it as close to the next highest four-piece combo as possible.

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You can make more than four numbers go away in a combo. The most numbers you can include in a combo is 10 (link three different blocks of 3 together) You won’t get a higher number for doing this, but you will clear more spaces on the board at the same time, allowing you a little bit more freedom of movement.

You can watch videos in order to get free coins by going to the main menu. Once you have 100 coins, you can spend them on a power up that removes 10 random numbers from the field. Be careful how often you use this though, because often it can take high numbers off of the board instead of the low ones that you might want to get rid of more.

Whatever number you make in a combo, that’s the amount that will be added to your score when you make a combo. If you merge four 128s together, you get a 512, and you add 512 points to the board. If you add four 4’s together to make a 16, then you will earn 16 total points for your work.

The extreme mode, oddly enough, is easier than the standard mode. The reason for this is you get a lot more space to work with. You’ll have six tiles instead of four get added to the board at the same time when you make a move without making a combo, but with all of the extra spaces, it’s easy to find more combos.