Chain Chronicle – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Chain Chronicle is a new line defense RPG for iOS and Android by Sega and gumi. Despite being new to the English-speaking world, this game has been wildly popular in Japan since 2013 due to the involved RPG battle mechanics and the Arcana collection elements. Read on for some tips and tricks for Chain Chronicle!

You know right from the beginning that the best strategy is to put your main tank (highest defense and HP character) in front, with your wizards and archers in the back. Modify this as needed, though. Move them around as needed to better target individual enemies in certain rows. You can even allow one individual enemy to come one square in, then surround them on three different sides and take them down easily.

For the most part, though, all that you need to do is set the game to auto battle, then fast forward the battle speed; this works for all but the toughest battles and boss battles. Keep in mind that you can still move characters around and use their special skills while in auto battle mode, if you so choose to do that manually.

You want the rarest Arcana in your party that you can find, and that starts with the summoning aspect of the game. Events are great ways to get rare party members, along with spending Prysma on recruiting the rare ones. Fill your party with rare Arcana, even if you end up with two tanks, or two wizards or two archers. Their base stats will be far higher than the common ones.

You can level them up by fighting in battles, but if you get impatient or need to get rid of some cards go to the Enhance function, select one of your party members (the rarest ones, ideally) as your base cards, then select the more common and expendable Arcana as your sacrifice. They will disappear and your base card will become far more powerful. Sacrifice arcana of the same type as your base arcana (E.G. archer, tank, etc) for an EXP bonus.

Also, when you recruit new Arcana, you open up new quests, so you can keep checking your cities too. Quests that were locked before will unlock as you recruit new Arcana, which you can do with Arcana Coins. To get more Arcana Coins, fight with another player’s leader as a helper in battle, and set your strongest Arcana as leader because when other players use yours you’ll get Arcana Coins as well.

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