Chaos Drive – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

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Chaos Drive is a card battling game by Applibot, most famous for doing Legend of the Cryptids two years back. This game is set in more of a futuristic anime setting, and allows you to quest through levels, fight in guild wars and team up with your friends to combat raid bosses. Read on for some tips and tricks for Chaos Drive!

Right at the beginning of the game you will get a surprisingly high amount of rare cards, and as you complete the bingo, more missions, more raid battles, and more guild wars, you will earn even more rare summons and bonus cards. Even summons using fate points can earn you a surprisingly common amount of rare cards. Since you earn so many rare cards, the fastest way to improve your teams statistics is to enhance your rarest cards using the common cards that you get in battle, the experience boosters that you earn as bonuses, or the common cards from the fate point summons.

You will earn skill points not only for gaining experience levels, but for participating in read and guild battles as well. They will all be different types of skill points, so make sure that you use every single one of them in its appropriate place to enhance your entire team’s performance.

Every time that you gain an experience level, your energy and your attack points will be refilled. Don’t just continue questing after you gain each experience level. Go find a raid battle or a guild battle and use your refilled points to cause damage. The more you participate in raids and guild wars, the more bonuses you will earn.

If you are just starting the game and you don’t feel that you’re advanced enough to start your own guild yet, go ahead and join somebody else’s guild. Later on will be able to leave the guild in order to start your very own. From there, recruiting is easy. New players will be automatically recruited to your guild as they download the app and complete the tutorial.

There are two kinds of stores that can be shopped at in the game; the coin store and the candy store. Make sure to shop at both of them, and to keep checking back as you earn candy, so that you can see if you are about to afford anything new.

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