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Chaos Fighters 3: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Chaos Fighters 3 is the latest in the series of mobile RPGs with names that are more like fighting games. This one is an idle RPG a la Idle Heroes or AFK Arena – your fighters do the fighting automatically, while you manage your team and upgrade them in myriad ways.

You can choose from speed, damage, or tank characters, and you can load up on equipment, upgrade it, and earn coins, diamonds, and more.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Chaos Fighters 3!

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Your characters do all of the fighting automatically. This happens whether you’re on the main fighting screen or not, or even if you’re offline or online. If you lose at a boss battle, you might need to re-enter it automatically, though.

Equip the best equipment possible on characters. Look at more than just the rarity color – look at the level as well. Whatever improves stats the most should be equipped.

If you want to get rid of some of your equipment to clear space in your bag, you can choose it individually, or you can have the game pick what to get rid of by picking a rarity color and hitting “smelt”. You can get even rarer equipment this way.

Hit the hero area to upgrade your heroes. Here you can upgrade your characters by giving them the best equipment possible. If you take someone out of your party, make sure to take away their weapons and equipment so that you can reuse it on another character.

Three are a ton of options to follow in this game, but follow any of the ones with have red dots over them. Sometimes red dots appear randomly, so tap them because that usually means that a free reward that you can claim.

Be sure to speed along the process in this game by playing Chaos Fighters 3 on your PC or Mac. All you have to do is link your game to the same account that your mobile version of the game is linked to, and you can continue your progress using whatever platform you want.


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