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ChefVille Tips: Guide to getting free ingredients and spices

ChefVille is the Zynga addition to the “cooking game” genre, and in this game, it’s much tougher to find ingredients than it is in other games of this genre, usually. You can’t buy ingredients, you actually need to find them in order to cook your food, unless you’re wanting to buy them with Zynga Cash. Ditto with spices. Read on for tips on getting ingredients and spices for free!

Getting free tomatoes, mushrooms, bread and onions is fairly easy. As you begin the game, you will have them growing right outside of the restaurant, ready to pick. Tomatoes will be to the lower left, and onions and mushrooms will be to the lower right. Bread will be in the baskets right next to the mom and pop shop that’s to the upper right of the restaurant.

Once you expand your area outside of the restaurant, you’ll be able to find a whole bunch of other free ingredients as well, due to plants growing in unlockable areas. When you’re ready to expand, first examine the outside areas and see what looks possible to get. Then, expand and start picking your free ingredients!

Chances are you have neighbors who play the game, so when you go to their restaurants, look for ingredients growing outside that you can pick as well. In addition, you can use the hearts that you earn in a neighbor’s restaurant to go to the mom and pop store, as well as other stores that you’ll unlock after you expand your territory, and buy ingredients and spices.

To get even more rewards for visiting your neighbors, become a regular at their restaurant by visiting often. You’ll earn free salt and pepper, as well as even better rewards as you visit more often.

Zynga also has a promotion where they are giving away free ingredients, and that involves visiting the Zynga Test Kitchen. To get to the Zynga Test Kitchen, go to Your free FULL guide to ChefVille by Zynga for Facebook!