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Chibi 3 Kingdoms – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Chibi 3 Kingdoms is a new mobile RPG based off of the Three Kingdoms saga for the iOS and Android platforms. You can rack up a big collection of generals and fighters from the 3 Kingdoms stories and pit them against traitors and enemies, as well as equip them with weapons and ever-growing armies. You can match them up for the biggest advantages, collect gold, silver and other goodies, and compete against other players in the arena. Read on for some tips and tricks for Chibi 3 Kingdoms!

Be sure to head off to the recruit area as often as you possibly can. You can earn common recruits, senior recruits and super recruits at assorted time intervals for free, and you can also spend your gold on the senior and super recruits. The higher the recruit’s tier, the better.

Green are the most common heroes, while blue are uncommon, green are rare, and orange are super rare. Red ones are the far more rare God-Heroes, which can only be earned by collecting enough souls of that specific hero. Once you have all of the souls that you need, you can unlock them.

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If you have enough souls of a hero that you already have, as well as the soul points in general, you will be able to give your heroes a star upgrade. Experience pills will allow you to level up a hero, so use this on new heroes who need to be caught up to the level of the rest of your heroes. Of course, coins can be used on your soldiers and your skills. Gear can be upgraded on its own once you reach a specific experience level – different level for each piece of equipment.

Any time that you have raid tickets, tap on any level that you have previously played and beaten and you will be able to raid it. Gold can be used to purchase raid tickets but it’s better to save your gold and use it to unlock the higher-tier characters so that you can add them to your party later on in the game.

If you are going to buy gold, use the invest option to turn it into far more gold as you go. If you invest 1,000 gold you will earn 500 at level 25, then 800 at 35, 1,200 at 45, and so on and so forth. By level 75, you will have earned a total of 10,000 gold, making it extremely worth the purchase.