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Chilindra – The Potion Mistress – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Win, and Strategy Guide

Chilindra – The Potion Mistress is a new endless runner game for the iPhone and Android. You play as a baby witch named Chilindra who has to collect enough ingredients to make her potions so that she can learn how to become a real witch. Read on for some tips and tricks for Chilindra – The Potion Mistress!

There are a ton of different ways to use your jumps in this game. You can double jump, or if you do a single jump, you can jump again as you start to come to the downside of the jump. You can jump again and again that way like Flappy Bird, or you can jump, and then double-jump as you come to the downside of your jump, effectively allowing you to do a slow triple jump.

Watch out for the enemies. Different ones have different patterns. For example, if you come up to pink bird, stay on the ground as it is going to fly upward and kill you if you jump. If you come to the little flying blue devil, do a quick double jump, because it is about to lunge for you and go slightly airborne, so that a single jump won’t be enough to deal with it.

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The potion ingredients that you collect determine your score. If you want to know where you rank, go to the Game Center or Google Play high score areas and you can compare yourself to other players. A lot of hackers are around though, so scroll past all of the impossible scores and 9999999s to find who the real high scores belong to.

Look for the magnets and the shield power-ups on stage. Magnets will draw any ingredient to you that is within half a screen of your character’s current location. The shield will protect you from all hits for a limited amount of time. Watch out with the shield though as it goes away with absolutely no warning whatsoever, which can cause you to die by surprise if you try and knock off an enemy.

Right now there is not anything that you can buy in any sort of in-game store, because there is no in-game currency. Expect a possible addition of that later in the game, or if the developers don’t announce it, email or tweet them if you want it to be in the game.