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Chill Out! Zombies – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

Chill Out! Zombies is a game where you play as a bird who drags around an unconscious zombie tied to a string. Your mission is to bash the zombie against all sorts of objects, ranging from boxes to spiked balls, for as long as possible, in order to keep it unconscious, and of course, you have to avoid crashing your bird in the process. Read on for some tips and tricks for Chill Out! Zombies!

Some blocks only have to be bashed once in order to break them. Some have to be bashed against twice, such as the brick boxes at the beginning of the game. That, or you can ram your bird into them for one of the hits. It won’t damage the bird; it will actually damage the zombie when you do this. Only hitting solid surfaces such as hills and rocks will hurt the bird.

The same is not true for other obstacles, though, such as moving spiked balls or projectiles. If these hit the bird, your run is done. If you can make them hit the zombie, though, you’ll gain points and the zombie’s health bar will go down.

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Hit the missions for both some short term and some long term ones. The short-term missions will earn you coins and are easy to complete. The long term ones, on the other hand, are usually a scavenger hunt for something else, such as feathers. Once you find all of the ones that you need though, you’ll unlock a secret hidden bird that can’t be purchased with coins or with money.

In addition to the coin bonuses, you’ll earn medals as you beat certain scores. If you pass 50 points, you will get a bronze medal. Pass 150 and you will get a silver medal, If you pass 250 points, which is a whole hell of a lot more difficult to do, you will get a gold medal.

Also, passing certain scores will get you more secret birds, as they are unlockable just by various milestones, although it’s currently not known exactly how many points you need in order to unlock each bird. Finally, more can be bought with coins. Depending on the bird that you use, the background and graphics will change, but the gameplay will not change at all.