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Choppa – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Choppa is a new helicopter game for the iOS and Android platforms. The game resembles the old arcade game Choplifter, in that your goal is to avoid obstacles and rescue people to move them to new islands. You can earn money for completing quest, and then put your coins toward purchasing new helicopters and upgrades. Read on for some tips and tricks for Choppa!

Your main goal in this game is to rescue people by picking them up and bringing them back to the safe platform. Follow the arrows, and find the person who is on the burning island. Each rescue earns you one point. The more people that you rescue, the more coins that you earn.

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Plus, you can earn coins by completing missions. Some of them are hard to figure out, such as somersaults. To do a somersault, drag yourself along a platform by the tail, all the way around it until you cause yourself to flip over. It may take a few shield upgrades to be able to pull this off, but that’s how you complete that quest.

Once you die on a level, you can restart by either one of two ways if you have at least 1 point. You can watch a video to restart, or you can pay 5 coins to restart; don’t do the latter, though, unless you are trying extremely hard to set a record high score, as the coins can be better spent on upgrades.

In addition to picking up the people, look for other goodies around the levels. A gold block will give you one coin if you pick it up, but don’t pick up the bombs that you find around, as these will do damage and/or end your run immediately. Others, such as the green barrels, do nothing. You can also knock seagull nests off of their perches and watch them float in the ocean.

As your point count gets higher, you have to be more and more careful in order to safely get your rescued person around the bombs and other obstacles. If you find it impossible to get around one of them, then sacrifice one helicopter to blow one up, then use your next helicopter on a much easier rescue the next time around, when the previous bomb is gone.