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Chromatic Souls: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Chromatic Souls is a new turn-based RPG by Gamevil. This game brings a classic RPG feel, with a manual battle system (no auto battles here) and loads of characters to potentially add to your party of four. You can quest through the story mode, or battle it out against other players. Read on for some tips and tricks for Chromatic Souls!

You’ll get a good number of gems to start the game, and you’ll get more free gems along the way as well. They can be spent either on new equipment or on skill scrolls. Try to keep rare equipment with rare members of the party, since equipment is bound once it’s equipped. To unbind equipment, first you have to unequip it, and then you have to spend gems to unbind it. Only then can you move the equipment around to other members.

There are plenty of ways to power up your equipment. The enhance method can be done if you either have the right blend of enhance powders, or if you have an identical piece of equipment. If you salvage an unused piece of equipment, you can earn enhance powder. In addition, equipment essence, which is rarer but can also be earned via salvaging, can be used to “Grant Essence” to a piece of equipment, which will increase its base stats.

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Different characters fill different roles. A sword indicates an attacker, a shield indicates a tank or defender, a wand indicates a magic user, and a cross indicates a healer. Add a good mix of characters into your party for a balanced attack and defense. Without a tank you’ll lose health a lot faster, without a healer you’ll die more quickly in tough battles, without an attacker you’ll have to tough it out for longer due to not being able to deal much damage, and without a magic user you’ll lose out on a lot of splash attacks and support spells.

Hit the trophy icon for three different ways to earn free gems and other goodies. Milestones are typically the easiest and quickest, and free gems are the usual reward. Perform well enough in specific dungeons and get ranked compared to rival players, and you’ll earn rewards in the ranking section. Complete varoious achievements, which are unlocked a bit later in the game, to complete a feat and earn the specified rewards for that, too.

When battles get a bit too tough, head back to an older level and play it again for extra exp, gold and other rewards. Just be sure not to burn any of your friend adds on an old dungeon, especially if it’s a friend with a very strong leader character. Save them for the new dungeons.