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Chrono Strike – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Chrono Strike is a new beat-em-up for the iOS and Android platforms that has gained a shocking amount of popularity despite coming out without much fanfare. This high-quality fighter pits you against evil robot hordes in both quests and endless missions, tapping to the left and to the right in order to beat them up, rack up combos and even fight bosses. Read on for some tips and tricks for Chrono Strike!

Swiping also gets the job done, but it’s better to tap in order to execute your hits. Tap on the left side of the screen to hit to the left, and tap to the right side of the screen to hit to the right. Use two thumbs to play the game so that you can tap far more quickly than you would be able to with just one thumb.

The faster that you complete a level, and the less mistakes that you make, the higher your speed bonus will be on that round and on the next round. Speed bonus will cause the game to get a little bit faster, but you will also earn higher coin rewards for triggering and upgrading the speed bonus. The easiest way to increase the speed bonus is to play a level that you have already played over and over and tap out the attacks from memory at high speed.

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When you run out of energy cores, go to the fight section and engage in the endless battle mode until you run out of battle chips. The farther that you get in the fight simulators, the bigger your rewards, so the fight simulator is a great place to go and fight if you need coins for an upgrade.

When you have a multi-hit enemy on one side and a one-hit enemy on the other side, kill the one-hit enemy first. If you start a combo attack on the multi-hit enemy first, the single-hit enemy will attack in the middle of a combo, which can very quickly contribute to ending your round.

Hero fragments can be found in chests and as round rewards, and they allow you to unlock new heroes with new special abilities. Upgrades to your current hero can be purchased using coins and suit pieces, and will increase your hero’s defense, allowing him or her to take more hits before dying.