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Circle Pool: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Circle Pool is a new “pool” game by Voodoo for the iOS and Android platform where the pool table is completely round, there are no holes, and there are a multitude of balls. Your goal on each level is to get rid of all of the balls by smashing your cue ball into them. It’s a level-based game, with each consecutive level being harder than the last. Read on for some tips and tricks for Circle Pool!

In real pool, you shouldn’t hit the ball as hard as you can, but in this game, it’s the exact opposite. The harder that you hit the ball, the more the ball will rebound off of various surfaces, and as it rebounds it will create chain combinations. Each consecutive hit ball will be worth more points than the last.

Another reason for the chain combinations is that you have only a limited number of balls that you can use in a stage. Finish the level with the least used balls as possible, and you get bonus points. Get enough bonus points, and you will even get bonus balls – often more than one bonus ball. Sometimes you can earn as many as five at a time, and they are redeemable on the next level.

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There are not any skins in the game, currently, but they are always added to the game later on by Voodoo. There is also a currency in the game, but when the skins do show up, you’ll have to complete specific actions in order to unlock them as you always do in Voodoo games. Some will be easier than others and some will be harder than others. The skins will change the cosmetics, but not the gameplay itself.

Sometimes the ads can get a little bit annoying. If you do get sick of the ads, then you can turn the phone into airplane mode or play the game in a place where you have bad reception. Do this and the ads will stop loading, allowing you to play as long as you want with no ads.

And remember to hit those pink cubes whenever you see them. Each one of them has two uses. The first is that they will slightly increase your size and your bounciness, making it easier to score a huge combo. The other is that they count as currency, and while there is not yet any store in the game, you’ll be able to revive after losing once you earn enough of them, and even possibly buy some new skins.