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Circle Surfer – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Circle Surfer is a new endless game for iOS and Android platforms. In this game you control the obstacles that are in front of your ninja’s path. Your ninja makes endless revolutions around the circle, and your goal is to make the obstacles in his path jump so that they don’t get in his way and he can pass by them safely. Read on for some tips and tricks for Circle Surfer!

Like many games of this type, you can purchase new characters using a currency – diamonds in this case. You can earn more diamonds on the stage itself. Or if you go to the in app purchase store, you can watch a free advertisement video. Completing one video will earn you 50 diamonds. Watch as many videos as you want until they run out, then check back again in 15 minutes and they should become available to watch again

Alternatively, you also get free time in the bonuses for various social media actions. Like the game on Facebook, follow the game on Twitter, follow the game on Instagram, or send an email telling the developers what you think about the game and you will get diamonds as a reward. With all of these free diamonds you should very easily be able to get plenty of earn characters using the free diamonds that you earn.

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pay attention to the speed of the surfer. The speed of your surfer never changes no matter how many points you have, so always tap the screen at the same speed per space that an obstacle is covering. Once you get the rhythm down, you will very easily be able to use that for a very long time without dying.

If you check the Game Center app for high scores for Circle Surfer, you will see a whole bunch of people who have hacked the game and now have unrealistically high scores. Scroll down past them to get to the semi realistic looking scores and use these as your benchmark for what records to go for.

The stage changes colors a lot depending on how far you are into the level and how many points you have. If certain color combination start to throw you off, mess with the settings on your phone. You can invert the colors, increase the contrast, or put your entire phone in grayscale. One or more of these options will make the game a little bit easier to focus on if you are having a bit of trouble with the colors in stock form.